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Skype for Windows BETA 新版

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2009-05-28(木) 00:24(UTC +0900) p

未だバグりッ放しで「公開ベータテスト」の続いている Skype for Windows v4.0 ですが、いよいよ v4.1 のベータテストが始まるようです。

clip IT!
from Skype Blogs
Skype 4.1 Beta for Windows is here – with screen sharing
from Skype Garage
Skype 4.1 beta for Windows

それにしても、画面共有とかドウデモイイ機能を最初に持ってくる辺り、まだまだ迷走は続きそうですねぇ… orz

27.05.2009 Skype for Windows

Release Notes Document

  • feature: Screen sharing
  • feature: Accessibility
  • feature: Skype name highlighting on webpages
  • feature: Free call phone number highlighting on webpages
  • feature: Contacts sending
  • feature: Birthday reminders
  • improvement: Audio and Video engine updated
  • improvement: Ability to import more contacts from more source
  • improvement: Updated Skype for Internet Explorer plugin
  • improvement: Updated Skype for Firefox plugin
  • bugfix: Skype Internet Explorer plugin did not work with Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7
  • bugfix: New Audio device communicator message appeared on every start-up
  • bugfix: Dialpad did not open when starting a call, but opened when call was connected
  • bugfix: Some menu items in Hebrew and Arabic language showed out as ????
  • bugfix: Skype crashed on shutdown sometimes
  • bugfix: GDI+ error was displayed when running Skype on Windows 7
  • bugfix: Not all audio devices were shown out under audio options
  • bugfix: When copying longer text message from one Instant Message to another then you did not have possibility to edit it’s controls
  • bugfix: Skype crashed when dragging and dropping quoted chat messages
  • bugfix: Quick-filtering sometimes highlighted contacts incorrectly
  • bugfix: Profile text was cut off when person has emoticon on their ‘about me’ text
  • bugfix: A user was unable to edit contacts phone number more than once
  • bugfix: Skype showed that webcam is present, but busy when it was disconnected for some Creative webcams
  • bugfix: It was not possible to remove duplicate entries from audio devices list
  • bugfix: On client upgrade “View technical release notes for this update” link did not work.
  • All language localizations updated: Bulgarian – Nikolina Filipova & Nikolay Filipov, Czech – Petr Silon, Dutch – Kees Koenders, Estonian – Viljar Sepp & Eve Loopere, Greek – Panagiotis Sidiropoulos, French – Fabrice IMPERIAL & Bruno Lépaulard, German – Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli, Hungarian – Mark Bender & Laszlo Koncz & Gabor Stefanik, Italian – Daniele Conte, Latvian – Intars Students, Lithuanian – Viktoras Kriukovas, Norwegian – Stig Auestad, Polish – Karol Szastok, Portuguese-Portugal – Francisco Ferreira, Romanian – Péter Henning and Mónika Iancu, Simplified Chinese – Della Wang (, Traditional Chinese – Carlos Lee (PChome), Turkish – Ömer Emin Dede

Known issues in

Category Description Current solution
Instant Messaging When copying a large amount of text, (approximately 20 lines or more) in an instant message, and pasting it to the text input field of the same conversation, the ability to scroll or edit the pasted text is not working. Users are advised to copy / paste small amounts of text until this is resolved.
Instant Messaging When copying and pasting a web address (URL) link within the same instant messages, the URL appears as a blank line. Users are advised to manually type in the web address link. Copy and Pasting to/from different IM’s has no problems.
Video Video snapshots (during a video call or from profile) do not work with Windows 2000. None available at this time.
Video When taking a video snapshot during a call the snapshot is black (all Operating Systems) None available at this time.
Video Digital video cameras cannot be used to make video calls on Skype. None available at this time.
Busy hard disk Skype can become unresponsive when the hard drive is busy. Users are advised to wait for a few seconds for the hard disk activity to reduce.
Busy hard disk / startup Users with a large amount of Skype history may find that Skype takes longer than normal to start. Reducing the number of items in the Conversations tab helps alleviate this problem slightly – our engineers are currently working on further solutions.
Conference calling If a participant in a conference call is using a Bluetooth enabled device from Widcomm, the conference call will be terminated when they hang-up the call. None available at this time. We are currently investigating possible solutions.
Conference calling Users on the “lite” version of Skype will be displayed as “Unknown” in Conference calls None available at this time.
Conference calling Missing error message when a user tries to join a conference call without an active audio device Please ensure you have an active audio device when joining any call. You can check your audio devices through Tools > Options > Audio Settings.
Installation Users cannot uninstall the Skype browser highlighter for Firefox (Vista only). Users are advised to install a patch provided by Microsoft.
Screen sharing Screen sharing freezes when sender switches from full screen to selection None available. This is only known to affect a small number of computers, however if you do experience it, please report to Skype Customer Support.
Screen sharing Resizing selected area (constantly dragging mouse for more than 20 seconds) causes system to freeze (Vista only) This is resolved by Microsoft Hotfix #954436, and included in Vista Service Pack 2.
Accessibility / Keyboard navigation Voicemail and File transfer not accessible None available at present – this will be fixed for 4.1 Gold


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