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Skype for Windows BETA 新版

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2009-03-12(木) 01:01(UTC +0900) p

バグだらけのクソッタレを「正式版」だの「Gold」だのと僭称している Skype ですが、やっとで HotFix が出てきました。
HotFix を出すまでに五週間? 五週間もかけたワリに、未だにバグだらけ??
品質管理ッて概念は、もう全く棄て去ったようですねぇ orz

11.03.2009 Skype for Windows

  • change: Full text quote will be shown only after sending instant messages
  • bugfix: Informative messages appeared multiple times even when closed
  • bugfix: Disk I/O error message appeared intermittently
  • bugfix: Skype sometimes failed to install when Firefox was set as the default browser in the United States
  • bugfix: Compact view window positioning fixed
  • bugfix: Some USB dual-phones did not detect Skype correctly
  • bugfix: Some full-screen applications minimized automatically when Skype was running with the Skype visual style enabled
  • bugfix: If a user has Compact View enabled, opening a conversation from the tray alert does always open
  • bugfix: ‘Ignore’ option in the ‘Call’ menu was greyed out when receiving an incoming call
  • bugfix: Help menu was sometimes displayed incorrectly in Compact View
  • bugfix: Tools menu was not fully visible in compact view on some window sizes
  • bugfix: Echo123 was incorrectly re-added to contacts when opening Getting Started Wizard
  • bugfix: SMS failure reason messages were missing
  • bugfix: Instant messaging entry area showed vertical scroll bar after changing font size
  • bugfix: Add people to group conference call was not disabled when host was using Skype 3.8 for Windows
  • bugfix: Opening a file without file association triggered error message instead of a menu to choose application with which to open it
  • bugfix: Adding contact to a category via right click menu caused contact list display disruption
  • bugfix: Incorrect error message appeared when no entries were found within history search
  • bugfix: Contact list was not always sorted correctly
  • bugfix: Personalize button appeared blank – intermittent
  • bugfix: Unable to take a video snapshot when selecting the option from the drop down menu
  • bugfix: Call dropped when adding a participant to a conference call
  • bugfix: Setting number type was not possible when editing contact phone number
  • bugfix: More button on users video mood message did not work
  • bugfix: Call Quality feedback link “Issues with this call” was not visible – intermittent
  • bugfix: // link did not work with Firefox
  • bugfix: Skype did not start after installing on Vista when computer was running on batteries
  • bugfix: A new message notification was not generated when sending an instant message using the /me command
  • bugfix: Call were not started automatically to a contact who was added to an ongoing call
  • bugfix: Menus flickered when using Skype with Arabic or Hebrew language
  • bugfix: Double click on a contact did not focus the instant message entry box
  • bugfix: Dates were not shown in old conversations
  • bugfix: Disabling contact import feature via registry did not work
  • bugfix: Phone number type was not being saved
  • bugfix: End call sound was played when user joined group call
  • bugfix: Links to domains .rs, .me, .kp, .xn did not work
  • bugfix: Incoming contact request were not shown correctly in compact view
  • bugfix: Closing conversation from menu did not work
  • bugfix: Clicking on Skype links on web pages did not bring the Skype window to foreground
  • bugfix: Adding phone contacts to group conversations was not possible
  • bugfix: Accessibility: Tab order corrected in options
  • All localizations updated

Known issues in

Category Description Current solution
Accessibility Accessibility features have not yet been completed in this new release. However, we plan to release a new version with accessibility support in the near future. If you require these features, we recommend that you continue to use the previous version of Skype.
Instant Messaging When copying a large amount of text, (approximately 20 lines or more) in an instant message, and pasting it to the text input field of the same conversation, the ability to scroll or edit the pasted text is not working. Users are advised to copy / paste small amounts of text until this is resolved.
Instant Messaging When copying and pasting a web address (URL) link within the same instant messages, the URL appears as a blank line. Users are advised to manually type in the web address link.Copy and Pasting to/from different IM’s has no problems.
Video Skype crashes when trying to start a video call when the camera is being used by another application. This issue is known to affect the following webcams:
* Creative webcams Live
* Cam Video IM Pro Live
* Cam Voice Live
* Cam Vista IM
Users are advised to close the application using the Webcam before making a video call with Skype.
Video Video snapshots (during a video call or from profile) do not work with Windows 2000. None available at this time.
Video Digital video cameras cannot be used to make video calls on Skype. None available at this time.
Busy hard disk Skype can become unresponsive when the hard drive is busy. Users are advised to wait for a few seconds for the hard disk activity to reduce.
Busy hard disk / startup Users with a large amount of Skype history may find that Skype takes longer than normal to start. Reducing the number of items in the Conversations tab helps alleviate this problem slightly – our engineers are currently working on further solutions.
Tray alerts Conversations are not marked as read when opening via the tray alert. Open the conversation, and scroll up / down; or Right-click > Mark as read, from the Conversations list.
Conference calling If a participant in a conference call is using a Bluetooth enabled device from Widcomm, the conference call will be terminated when they hang-up the call. None available at this time. We are currently investigating possible solutions.
Conference calling Users on the “lite” version of Skype will be displayed as “Unknown” in Conference calls None available at this time.
Contact phone numbers Telephone numbers manually added to existing Skype contacts are not restored when using the backup file. Add telephone numbers again.
Contact phone numbers Telephone numbers manually added to existing Skype contacts are not available when the Skype account is used on a different computer. None available at this time. We are currently working on a solution.
Calling Some users with Skype Credit may experience repeated dropped calls when calling Landlines or Mobiles. If you have credit, and you continuously experience dropped calls, please contact Customer Services so that we can check the status of your account.
Contact phone numbers Some Outlook contacts do not appear in the Skype contact list. Check the formatting of the number in Outlook. The format of the phone number should include a valid country code, for example:
* Correct: +442071234567
* Incorrect: 02071234567
Installation Users cannot uninstall the Skype browser highlighter for Firefox (Vista only). Users are advised to install a patch provided by Microsoft.


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